Running West Indies Lab 5Miler has different twist...

10-15-2011 St. Croix, V.I.--A small group of dedicated runners took advantage of an early Saturday morning which offered a light rain to cool things down at the 6am start of the 27th West Indies Lab 5Mile Road Race on the east end of St. Croix. 

            Top honors went to Scott Fricks who finished the race with a time of 44:45 just 10 seconds off the time he predicted; in a tie for second Mike Klein ran a time of 37:48 and Dulcie Crowther ran 47:39 and just 18 seconds off their predicted times; Carol Murphy was the third closest to predicting her finish, she ran 52:09 and 21 seconds off her predicted time.

            Bob Halk went to an early lead in the race and held it through the hilly point-to-point course starting at the former West Indies Lab to estate Southgate to become the first finisher.  Halk covered the distance in 35:18.  Emma Van Fink was the first women to cross the finish line after eventually pulling away from Dulcie Crowther, her time was 47:34.

The Finishers Prediction:

1] Scott Fricks                       44:45 [10 sec]
2] Mike Klein                        37:48 [18 sec]
2] Dulcie Crowther            47:39 [18 sec]
4] Carol Murphy                52:09 [21 sec]
5] Richard Jeanpierre       38:36 [3:06]
6] Laverne Fredrickson     51:23 [6:23]
7] Teddy Seymour             53:34 [13:34]
8] Emma Van Fink             45:38 [15:04]

The Finishers by Place/Time

1] Bob Halk                          35:18
2] Mike Klein                         37:48
3] Richard Jeanpierre       38:36
4] Scott Fricks                       44:45
5] Emma Van Fink             45:38
6] Dulcie Crowther            47:39
7] Laverne Frederikson     51:23
8] Carol Murphy                52:09
9] Teddy Seymour             53:34


1] The West Indies Lab 5Mile Road Race originated back in the 80’s by the Virgin Islands Pace Runners to offer the students, faculty and staff at the Fairleigh Dickinson University West Indies Lab and the local runners the opportunity to compete in a fun but challenging endurance event. 

2] Notable athletes at West Indies Lab include: Professor Betsy Gladfelter who was the lab’s last Director.  She represented the Virgin Islands in international competition including the CAC Cross-Country Championships; the IAAF World Cross-Country Championships in 1984 and 1986. She was a multiple winner of the annual Virgin islands Half-Marathon.  Bill Gladfelter also a professor at WIL was an endurance athlete and for many years the top cyclist in the V.I.  He won the first triathlon held in the Virgin islands and he represented the V.I. in a number of regional championships and set numerous V.I. cycling records. Dennis Hubbard, a professor was an avid cyclist and one of the founders of the pioneers of the V.I. Cycling Federation.  Dave Mc Govern, seven-time Olympic Qualifier Race Walker was a student at FDWIL and often competed in local road races.

3] The first tri event held in the territory was conducted by FDWIL students/faculty (bike, canoe, run).

4] The next event on the V.I.Pace Runners Calendar: The V.I.Pace Runners/4-H Cross-Country Series (2nd week) on Wednesday October 26, 4pm at the University of the Virgin Islands St. Croix Campus…children run 1mile, juniors run 2miles and varsity and open runners run 3.1miles.

For information logon to: email: call: 340-643-2557


Runners at annual West Indies Lab 5Mile Road

Race have unique challenge… 

10/10/09--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--A small group of runners at the West Indies Lab 5Mile Road Race in  St.Croix has the opportunity shine without being the first to cross the finish line.  For the past few years awards have been handed out to the runners who predict the time running the hilly 5 mile course with the one closest being the winner. 

Brad Chafee took the honors on Saturday as he predicted he would do the race in 39 minutes and 50 seconds his official time was 39:48; Billy Bohlke was the second closest actual time 30:42 (predicted 31:15); Elizabeth Nurnberger was third actual time 49:12 (predicted 49:58).  

Billy Bohlke was the first runner to cross the finish line; Chafee was second; Martin Grealis, in his first race was third in 47:57; Bob Somer was fourth male in 49:12 

Nurnberger was the first female to finish; Earthla Augustin was second in 52:37 and Lavern Frederiksen was third in 54:37 

The Finishers: 

1.Brad Chafee 39:48 (39:50)

2.Billy Bohlke 30:42 (31:15)

3.Elizabeth Nurnberger 49:12 (49:58)

4.Bob Somer 49:12 (50:50)

5.Martin Grealis 47:57 (50:50)

6.Earthla Augustin 52:37 (55:05)

7.Lavern Frederiksen 54:37 (60:15) 

The 4-H/V.I.Pace Runners Cross-Country Series continues on Wednesday at the UVI St. Croix Campus.  There is an open category for the 5k for adults.  Elementary boys and girls run 1 mile, junior varsity 2 miles and varsity 5k. 

For information contact V.I.Pace Runners 340-643-2557 logon to: 







Billy Bohlke, a pilot in the Air Force, Crosses the finish line first in The 24th West Indies Lab 5Mile Road Race just about the time a 6.1 mag. Earthquake hit St.Croix…the race started at Teague Bay in front of the old West Indies Marine Lab and finished in Estate Green Cay where his grandfather use to land his airplanes years ago.  Jean Picou (below) finishes his first V.I.Pace Runners race.

V.I.Pace Bulletin…The earth shakes as Billy Bohlke wins West Indies Lab 5Mile Road Race…

October 11, 2008--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--The small group of local runners who showed up for Saturday’s early start of the 24th West Indies Lab 5Mile Road Race witnessed two things of nature and oddly while the race was in progress:  There was a beautiful rainbow in the western sky perhaps accentuated by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake which struck the island!

Not to be slowed, Bohlke won the race going-away with a time 29 minutes 27 seconds.  Richard Jeanpierre finished second in 35:22; Mike Klein was the third male in 38:54.  Theresa Harper was the first female finisher and third overall in 36:42; Carol Murphy was second in 40:33 and Dulcie Crowther was third in 41:15.

With the exception of the first male and female to cross the finish line, awards were presented to the first five runners who came closest to the time they predicted to run the race.  Mark Kennedy was first and within 4 seconds; Mandy Roberts was second within 5 seconds; Julie Summer was third within12 seconds; Dulcie Crowther was fourth  within 25 seconds Jean Picou was fifth within 26 seconds; Billy Bohlke was sixth within 27 seconds.

The Finishers Male:

1.Billy Bohlke 29:27; Richard Jeanpierre 35:22; 3. Mike Klein 38:54; 4. Scott Fricks 40:06; 5. Mark Kennedy 45:04; 6. Teddy Seymour 46:45; 7. Jean Picou 49:55; 8. Rey Lutz 60:14; 9. Ben Staron 70:24

The Finishers Female:

1.Theresa Harper 36:42; 2. Carol Murphy 40:33; 3. Dulcie Crowther 41:15; 4. Julie Sommers 43:12; 5. Sara Gambi 43:15; 6. Mandy Roberts 48:55; 7. Alex Johnson 70:25

The next race on the V.I.Pace Runners calendar is the V.I.Pace/4-H Cross-Country Series on Wednesday October 15 4pm (elementary, jv, varsity/open (5k) at the UVI St.Croix Campus.

For information logon to call 340-643-2557

Results...West Indies Lab 5Mile Road Race...

 Octoaber 14, 2007-St.Croix, Virgin Islands--A new twist for the running of the West Indies Lab 5 Mile road race saw runners predict their times.  Ephraim Rodriquez (35:42) and Theresa Harper 36:49) were the first runners to cross the line for males and females respectively and awards went to the top three males and females who came closest to predicting their time for the race.  For men, Todd Nurinberger was first in 49:50; Gabe Webber was second in 42:01 and Jon Mahoney was third in 44:12.  For women Amy Harris was first in 48:26; Elizabeth Nerunberger was second in 48:25 and Sada Mosler was third in 44:15.  

The Finishers run times Males: 1.Ephraim Rodriquez 35:42; 2. Scott Fricks 38:54; 3. Gabe Webber 42:01; 4. Jon Mahoney 41:51; 5. Todd Nurinberger 48:25 

The Finishers runtimes Females: 1. Theresa Harper 36:49; 2. Carol Murphy 41:51; 3. Dulcie Crowther 42:06; 4. Sada Mosler 44:15; 5. Patty-Patton Coleman 44:59; 6. Elizabeth Nerurinberger 48:25; 7. Amy Harris 48:26; 8. Monica Zuyuz 55:46; 9. Michele Dizon 56:08 

The next event on the V.I. Pace Runners calendar is the V.I.Pace/4-H Cross-Country Series on Wednesday at the University of the Virgin Islands St.Croix Campus.  Races for Elementary Schools 1 mile 4pm for Junior Varsity 2 miles 4pm and for Varsity and open 3.1 miles 5pm.  Runners do not need to be attached to schools to run.


 Robles and Sweitzer are victorious…21st West Indies Lab 5 Mile...  

October 15, 2005--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--The results of the 21st Virgin Islands Pace Runners West Indies Lab 5 Mile road race show that male winner Juan Robles was able to improve on his time of two years ago when he was fourteen, by over a minute on the rolling east end course with a time of 29 minutes and 15 seconds.  Duncan Shane took second place with a time of 31:26; Richard Jean Pierre was third in 34:21 for the masters title.  Erica Sweitzer was the top women in the race with a time of 38:59; Rachel Witty was second in 42:57 and Louise Stapleton was third in 44:52 for the masters title for women.

 The Finishers Male: 

1.Juan Robles, St. Croix Central High School 29:15; 2. Shane Duncan, 31:26; 3. Richard Jean Pierre 34:21 (31:03); 4. Collin Daugherty 36:02; 5. Mark Kennedy, 44:46 (38:16); 6. Larry Williams, 46:04 (36:71); 7. Fred Flint, 47:38 (43:70); 8. Jack Branch, 49:48 (40:50). 

The Finishers Female: 

1.Erica Sweitzer, 38:59; 2. Rachel Witty, 42:57; 3. Louise Stapleton, 44:52 (42:54) 

* The times in Parentheses are age-adjusted and age-graded times for masters runners 35 and older. 

Jules Getting Back on Track

Finishers in the 20th running of the
West Indies Lab 5 Mile Road Race in St. Croix

10/16/04 St. Croix, Virgin Islands--George Jules, one of the all-time top V.I. long distance runners, cruised through the 20th running of the West Indies Lab 5 Mile Road Race on Saturday and was basically without competition as he clocked 30 minutes and 29 seconds for first place.  Theresa Harper led the women for the first three miles of the race until Tish Dusich caught up with her for a tie for first place in 36:17 seconds.  Patrick Joy was the second place male in 39:01; John Harper was third in 41:23; Milo Prochazka was fourth in 51:32 and Larry Williams was fifth in 51:33.  Earthla Augustin was the second place female in 39:25 and Louise Stapleton was third in 51:32.

The next event on the V.I.Pace Runners calendar is the 4-H Cross-Country Series on October 27 at 4pm University of the Virgin Islands St. Croix Campus.

For more information call 340-777-0258 or 340-643-2557 or logon to


The 19th Annual
West Indies Lab/V.I.Pace Runners
5 Mile Road Race...

A Tribute to
Betsy & Bill Gladfelter

You can join in paying tribute to Bill and Betsy by showing up and running the race on Saturday of can also send your thoughts to them on the web page set-up just for that...
have a photo of them you would like to share? send it to: for Photo gallery...



High School Runner In Record-Breaking Run...
in West Indies Lab 5 Miler...
A Tribute to Betsy and Bill Gladfelter...

10/18/03 St.Croix, Virgin Islands--The race started where Bill and Betsy spent many of their most memorable times in St.Croix, near the entrance of the old Fairleigh Dickinson University-West Indies Lab and just off the shore of the ocean where much of their research and resources for teaching young minds in marine science were found.  For five miles 14 year-old Juan Robles, a freshman at St.Croix Central High School, led a small field of runners to the finish in 30 minutes and 35 seconds (unofficial V.I. Junior Record).On this day, the race was as a tribute to both Betsy Gladfelter, one of the V.I.'s greatest long distance runners and former director of the WIL and her husband, Bill Gladfelter, a former professor at the lab and no doubt one of the V.I. greatest cyclists and endurance athletes ever.

Robles followed the plan of his coach Chris Encarnacion and ran even six minute per mile pace. For some who were there Saturday to observe the occasion, Robles reminded them of  Euliteria Martinez, also coached by Encarnacion, who several years ago as a high school runner, ran a race and course record for the event which still stands. Equally impressive was the performance of 13 year old Hansel Estepan of John H.Woodson Jr. High School who finished second for male runners in 35:24; Bob Halk was third in 37:28.  Roger Hatfield was fourth in 39:07 and the first masters male finisher; Kamal Russell of Country Day School was fifth in 39:14. 

Newcomer Letitia Dusich had an impressive race as she completed the scenic yet hilly course in 34:09.  Theresa Harper took second place with a 35:43; Earthla Augustin was third overall in 39:26. Sue Brown, V.I.’s top female cyclist and this year’s Pan Am Games representative for the V.I. cross the line together with Rachel Witty who last week ran a very impressive 3:16 marathon in the Chicago Marathon, it was their way of paying tribute.  

Following the race friends had words to say in tribute to the two honorees.  John Harper and who also ran the race, told of some of the accomplishments Bill achieved as a cyclist and in pioneering international and championship competition for the Virgin Islands; Eugene Phipps who has known both Bill and Betsy longer than anyone at the race Saturday, spoke of how much the two would appreciate the occasion and how competitive they both were.  He indicated how much they meant to those who came after them. Senator Ronald Russell, President of the Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation told how Betsy also was a pioneer for the V.I. as she was the first woman to run in the World Cross-Championships and is the only one to have run in two of those championships: at Meadowlands, New Jersey in 1984 and Neuchatel, Switzerland in 1986.  He praised Bill for his accomplishments as a cyclists and triathlete as the dominant triathlete for many years in the V.I. He noted the significance of the teaching and scientific research for the overall benefit of the Virgin Islands.  He stated that he would introduce legislation to honor both of them in the V.I. Legislature.

Wallace Williams, Founder of the Virgin Islands Pace Runners stated that it was fitting that this tribute to friends, fellow long distance runners and the husband and wife scientists would come on the 25th Anniversary of V.I.Pace and the 40th Anniversary of the Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation.  "Southgate Pond" he stated "is right near  the finish line for this event which was originated when I approached Bill and Betsy with the idea of having an event that would give the students the opportunity to join local participants in a fun yet challenging event". It is ironic that the Betsy recently gave a lecture at the University of the Virgin Islands St.Croix Campus for the St.Croix Environmental Association on Birds at Southgate Pond. Bill was in attendance and following the lecture shared his

 experience with treatment he is currently receiving for cancer.

For more information on the tribute to Betsy and Bill Gladfelter, logon to:

The Finishers Male: 

1.Juan Robles 30:35; 2.Hansel Estepan 35:24; 3. Bob Halk 37:28; 4. Roger Hatfield 39:07; 5. Kamal Russell 39:14; 6. Jody Starr 39:21; 7. John Harper 40:09; 8. Teddy Seymour 40:42; 9. Khalil Jacobs-El 42:27; 10. Doug Brady 47:08; 11. Ray Lutz 47:24; 12. Bernard King 54:22

The Finishers Female: 

1.Letitia Dusich 34:09; 2. Theresa Harper 35:43; 3. Earthla Augustin 39:26; 4. Sue Brown 39:33 Rachel Witty 39:33; 6. Theresa Stampen 51:16


Jules/Arthur lead West Indies lab field...

 October 15, 1998--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--George Jules and Earthla Arthur were the overall male and female winners in the 14th Annual West Indies Lab 5 Mile Road Race on Saturday. Both won the race last year.  Jules led from the start on the course with rolling hills situated on the northeast shore of St.Croix.  His time was 27 minutes and 2 seconds.  Marlon Williams, Vice-President of the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee and four-time Olympian, was second in 28:48.  St.Croix Education Complex Senior and Athlete of the Week, Lawrence Lockhart was third in 29:50.  Kent Bradbury was fourth in 32:08 and

George Cannon, who had a successful marathon in Chicago last week, was fifth in 32:42. 

Earthla Arthur, a teacher at the St.Croix Educational Complex led all the way with a time of 40:37 just a few seconds ahead of closing  Elizabeth Diveney, a teacher at Good Hope School in 40:47.  Sandra Cannon, a counselor at St. Croix Central High School was third in 70:07.

 The Finishers Male:


Place  Name                          Time 

1.         George Jules             27:02

2.         Marlon Williams         28:48

3.         Lawrence Lockhart   29:50

4.         Krent Bradbury          32:08

5.         George Cannon        32:42

6.         Kevin Cummings       34:25

7.         Luis Durand               36:12

8.         Williams Frandks      36:38

9.         Teddy Seymour         39:40

10.       Luis Gomez               47:54

11.       George Cannon III     67:03 

The Finishers Female 

Place  Name                          Time 

1.         Earthla Arthur            40:37

2.         Elizabeth Diveney     40:47

3.         Sandra Cannon         70:07 

 Results West Indies Lab 5 Mile Road Race 

October 24, 1999--St.Croix, Virgin Islands--Leopold Fredericks won his first road race Saturday in the annual West Indies Lab 5 Mile Road Race with a time of 34 minutes  44 seconds. Rey Ruiz was second in 42:54; Luke Fredericks was third in 47:34.  Theresa Harper was the first place female in 47:34.  

The next event on the V.I.Pace Runners schedule is the Veteran's Day 5k on November 10.

Results 13th Annual West Indies Lab 5 Mile Road Race 

October 19, 1997--St. Croix, VI--George Jules and Earthla Arthur took first place for male and female categories respectively in the 13th Annual West Indies Lab 5 Mile Road Race held on Saturday morning on St. Croix’s East end.  Jules time was 27 minutes and 24 seconds; Jabari Goodwin was 2nd in 36:14; Williams Franks was 3rd in 37:21; Teddy Seymour 4th in 39:25 and Raphael Miro 5th in 44:38. 

Earthla Arthur, the top UVI Cross-Country in inaugral season last year, was the first female to finish the race with a time of 38:54; Pam Chandler was 2nd in 46:01; Elizabeth Dieverny 3rd in 46:33; Laura Wellington 4th in 49:44 and Karen Stone 5th in 53:07. 

The Finishers Males: 

1.   George Jules                27:24

2.   Jabari Goodwin             36:14

3.   William Franks              37:21

4.   Teddy Seymour             39:25

5.   Raphael Miro                44:38

6.   Chuck Butcher              44:45

7.   Eric Hutchins               44:59

8.   Warren Stansbury          46:02

9.   Bob Guilford               53:07 

The Finishers Females: 

1.  Earthla Arthur                38:54

2.  Pam Chandler                46:01

3.  Elizabeth Dieveney            46:33

4.  Laura Wellington             49:44

5.  Karen Stone                 53:07