Welcome to the Third St. Croix Marathon Relay Road Race.

The race will begin at 6:00 a.m. Sharp on Thursday January 1. Each runner should report to final check-in by 5:30 a.m. at Cramer Park. There you will receive final instructions for the race.

Each runner will run their pre-determined distance (no runner may run more than one leg, no one runner may run the entire distance). The course is East End Road to South Shore Road to Melvin Evans Highway to Strand Street to Fort Frederik.

Your team may be all male, all female or a combination of the two.

Each runner must complete the distance for his/her leg. If a runner on your team does not complete the distance, the team is disqualified.

You must select the name of your team and enter it on the entry form. Your team must have each name of the runner and the position on the relay they will run.

No changes in the team order will be accepted on race day.

All runners will run in the left lane with traffic. You will touch your teammate at the exchange point line.

You will be provided transportation when you finish your leg to the finish and/or to Cramer Park if you request it prior to race. You will be provided transportation to the exchange points.

Safety is the most important element associated with this event. Please exercise caution at all times, in route to the race, while running in the race and in route following the race.